Ombre Oval Bangle with orbiting gold rings. Sterling silver bangle. Hammered bangle. Mixed metal.  Mothers jewelry. Simple delicate minimal

Oval Bangle with Gold Satellites

The newest addition to the Stardust Collection. A hammered sterling silver bangle with 14k gold filled rings orbiting around it. Lovely for adding to your existing bangle stack or wearing alone. Lightweight and comfortable in a natural oval shape.

When sizing for a bangle measure your hand across the knuckles. Try to make your hand as compact as possible. If you already own a bangle that fits perfectly run a tape measure from the two widest points to find your size.

I offer these in 3 sizes:
Small - 2.3 in across
Medium - 2.5 in across Standard Size
Large - 2.7 in across

If no size is specified you will receive the standard size which measures

circumference - 8" around.
2.5" across