Our Story

                Harmony Winters sitting in front of a large rusty anvil using a small hammer


The ocean has woven it’s way into my jewelry practice, as has with everything since I was a child. The still quiet before a storm, undulating movements like molten metal, wind blown texture of the water reflected in the finish, salt crystallizing on seaweed, bubbles from a breaking wave skating across the surface of the water reimagined as gold granules filled with diamonds, beach wrack washed onto the shore, but mostly it’s a sense of returning home. 

Harmony Winters Jewelry came from a need to find freedom in my days, to make things with my hands and my love for jewelry. I strive to create pieces that can be carried with us, a receptacle for our stories that will be passed on through generations.



I design my work to last lifetimes. Each piece is hand made in my Westport, MA studio by myself and my amazing assistant Kris. All of my raw materials and packaging are sourced locally, recycled and reclaimed whenever possible.

I believe the thoughts, energy and intention put into things are carried with it. Metal vibrates at a certain frequency, as all things do. With that philosophy each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted so it will last generations and tell the wearers story long after it's been passed down. 

                                                      ✩ ✩ ✩