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Tahitian Pearl Studs / #8
Tahitian Pearl Studs / #8
Tahitian Pearl Studs / #8

Tahitian Pearl Studs / #8

I try not to pick favorites, but these cloud like keshi pearls have a place in my heart. When I was sifting through thousands of pearls at the pearl farm in Ahe, these caught my eye. 

The color is the brightest ivory, with barely there whispers of caramel dancing in the shadows. I can get lost in these for hours. 

The shape is like the most perfect puffy summer cloud, soft rolling surface that seems to change shape every time you blink.

Aprox 10-12 mm

Natural keshi pearls are transformed, from an oyster's treasure into glowing gems for your ears. I hand chose each pearl for shape, color and luster at the Kamoka Pearl Farm in Tahiti. Each pair is one of a kind and speaks to a love of the ocean, sustainability and a unique style.

These earrings are set on solid 14k yellow gold ear posts.

14k yellow gold post and a very sturdy clutch. 

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These earrings are available to ship within 1-3 business days.