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Jewelry Care & Warranty

How to Keep your Jewelry Looking It's Best    

Your Harmony Winters Jewelry is designed to be worn and loved for generations. Keeping your jewelry in optimal shape is easy! Just keep a few things in mind. 

 Precious metal is durable and yet malleable. We're active people and have spontaneous lives, taking your jewelry off before going for a swim isn't always on your mind, or even the best idea since you don't want to lose it. It's your identity, your talisman. I get that, and wouldn't want to dictate how you wear your jewelry. I'm just asking you bring mindfulness to how you wear it. If you're regularly lifting heavy things, wearing your jewelry to sleep or working out etc it will wear faster. Gold will thin over time with everyday wear and stones will loosen after repeated moving and grooving. Indiscriminate wear will lead to repair costs and sometimes complete rebuilds. 

The Best Practice is to be aware that precious metal jewelry isn't indestructible. If possible take it off when sleeping, exercising, lifting heavy things, gardening going in pools or coming in contact any other chemicals. This will greatly extend the life of your jewelry. 

Clean it regularly. Use a gentle cleanser like Dawn dish soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush. If it needs extra cleaning you can soak it in that solution for a half hour or so then gently brush.

Inspect if yourself if you feel you've bumped or damaged it in any way. Become aware of the tiny details, so you'll know if something changed. Like your monthly  breast exam, get to know your jewelry! We recommend having your important purchases cleaned and inspected by us every 6 months.  We offer this as a free service to our customers. 

Store it in separate soft pouches or a jewelry box to prevent pieces from scratching each other.



We offer a Maintenance + Service Plan with every piece of HW Jewelry.

This includes:

  •  Free cleaning, inspection, polishing,  re-texturing and patina service for the lifetime of your piece.
  • 1 year setting repair. Setting repair includes tightening of any loose gemstone or diamond.
  •  1 year complimentary accent gemstone/diamond replacement. Warranty does not include stones with a replacement value over 250 USD or replacement of stones larger than 0.25 carat. 
  • The replacement of lost center stones valued over $500 is not included in our warranty. We recommend you obtain insurance for your piece for the unlikely event of a focal stone falling out or becoming damaged.
  • 90-day complimentary chain and clasp repair. 

The Warranty is non transferable and is intended only for the original customer or gift recipient. Your jewelry is 100% guaranteed against workmanship defects but not normal wear and tear. 

We recommend having your important purchases inspected by us every 6 months. Failure to complete the recommended repairs, or if repairs are made by establishment not approved by us will result in the cancellation of the warranty policy. We are not responsible for damaged jewelry due to wear and tear, or repairs/alterations made by other jewelers.