Materials & Sustainability


Harmony has been working on becoming a 100% ethical jewelry brand. This means using all reclaimed or fair mined metal, ethically sourced gemstones and sustainable practices. This is something Harmony has been working towards since she began HWJ in 2006. 


Harmony Winters Jewelry has been made with 100% reclaimed precious metals since 2006. This means that no new mining has occurred. Your sterling silver or high karat gold jewelry is as pure and strong as new metal - without the environmental impact. 


I use ethically sourced gemstones whenever possible. I've developed some great relationships with gem cutters who adhere to strict ethical practices. Whether visiting the mines and families themselves or through phone calls and emails each source is hard earned relationship.



Keshi pearls are unique and naturally formed. Cultured pearls are created by introducing a round shell or 'nucleus' into the mollusk to guide the shape and size of the pearl. Keshi pearls form naturally with no nucleus inside so they are pure pearl.

"Keshi are a happy accident of pearl culture. If the oyster manages to push out the shell nucleus after the pearl culturing operation, the small piece of mantel tissue that was also placed inside the oyster, can still create a small pearl. The result is a 100% solid, non-nucleated pearl called a keshi. Keshi are often small and extremely baroque although they can also grow quite big and can be smooth and round." Kamoka Pearl

Keshi's are pure nacre (the lustrous shell of a cultured pearl) and sold by weight, just like gemstones. Being pure pearl they have a luminous glow like nothing else you've seen. I'm drawn to creating jewelry with keshi pearls because it feels like the most sustainable purchase I can make. Using the by-product of an industry opens up the conversation about what the industry standard for beautiful is. When we as consumers utilize the whole catch, we create a market and demand therefore paying the farmers a fair price for all the work that goes into the process. That is the most sustainable practice when we are able to sustain the people that provide for us.

The perfect round pearl is no doubt lovely, but I find the undulating, watery keshi pearl breathtaking.

Sourced in person at Kamoka Pearl Farm in Tahiti. I was able to hand pick each pearl for its shape, color and luster.

Read more about their sustainable practices.




Some jewelry has a black oxidized patina which will wear off the areas that come in contact with things (steering wheel, holding your coffee cup) and the recesses will stay dark. This happens over time depending on how you wear it. Entering pools and hot tubs will remove it immediately. Some people love that effect, though we're happy to refresh your patina for you. Email us for more information

Satin Finish

Most pieces have a satin finish which will shine up over time with wear. Each time your ring rubs against something harder than itself, it will burnish it and leave a little shiny mark. Over time this blends together for a uniform shinier finish. Some people love that and others not so much. You can refresh the satin finish by using a scotchbrite pad, (the purple or green kitchen scrubbers ) and going over your ring a few times either in straight lines or little circles. If you'd like us to refresh your finish send us an email

Polished Finish

Jewelry with a polished finish have been brought to a high shine by multiple steps on our industrial polishing wheel. Over time, as you wear your jewelry each little scratch and dent will blend into a uniform less shiny finish. Get in touch if you'd like your piece re-polished.

Textured Finish

All of our signature pieces have a hand textured finish. These textures are deeply carved into the metal and will wear wonderfully over time. The raised portions will develop a polished shine and the recessed part will remain the same. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like refreshing on your Harmony Winters Jewelry!