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Materials + Care

We want you to love and live in your jewelry! Being mindful to take it off before entering pools, bathing, working out or anything which will cause wear and tear.  

Store your jewerly in a soft pouch where it won't scratch against other jewelry.

Clean with a soft toothbrush and mild soap and water.  Dont' use chemical cleaners, polishing cloths or dips as this can change the finish of your piece or damage your gemstones. If you have an questions please get in touch. 

Recycled Metal

Harmony Winters Jewelry is crafted with 100% reclaimed precious metals. This means no new mining has occurred. Your sterling silver or high karat gold jewelry is as pure as new metal without the environmental impact. 

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

I use ethically sourced gemstones whenever possible. 


Some jewelry has a darkened patina which will change over time depending on how you wear it. Some people love that though we're happy to refresh your patina for you. email us for more information hello@harmonywinters.com

Matte Finish

Most pieces have a soft brushed finish which will shine up over time with wear. If you would like a refresh get in touch.


Some gemstones are soft and can scratch easily like moonstones and opals. Use care when wearing, storing and cleaning your gemstones. Others like diamonds can be cleaned in an ultrasonic.