Luminescent Chalcedony

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When we unwrapped these stones in the studio we were delighted with how much they absolutely glowed! Finding gemstone quality chalcedony with luminescence like this is really exciting for us and it allows us to really let the stone be the star of the show. For the past 12 years I’ve been working with an exceptional lapidary artist who just came across some of the finest quality Namibian Chalcedony material. Once these stones are gone we may not be able to get our hands on more. 
This high quality chalcedony is cut in a way that accentuates the luminescence in these stones, which makes for truly one of a kind heirloom quality jewelry. 
What makes this chalcedony so special? 
Color - Their unique 100% natural color ranges from a soft foggy blue grey with cool lavender tones. The color the sky gets when a thunderstorm or hurricane is spinning offshore. We’ve chosen to set these in an oxidized sterling silver to bring out those moody hues. 
The lighter range exhibits a glowing violet that you’d be sure has captured the sunrise inside. I call these the Dawn Series. Set in warm 18k yellow gold with contrasting grey sterling silver. 
Inclusions - All of these stones (some more than others) are filled with adularescence, a type of inclusion that enhances its value and gives it an otherworldly luminescence. This phenomenon happens when light is reflected off layers of microscopic inclusions. The effect is like a shimmering, floating, interior light which appears to billow through the stone.
Cut - The cutting style of this lapidary artist who cuts gemstones for some of the biggest names in the jewelry industry was really excited to share this material he says is some of the finest he’s seen. His shapes are unique and make for truly one of a kind pieces. 
Origin - It’s 100% natural! Many gemstones in the market are dyed or enhanced in some way. These gemstones are just as they came out of the earth. Mined in Namibia and cut in the US, this quality of stone is becoming increasingly rare. Measuring about 6.5–7 on Mohs’s scale of hardness it can withstand daily wear. 

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