North Star Turquoise

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The turquoise we use for all of our jewelry comes solely from North Star Mine in Cripple Creek, Colorado. North Star is owned by Clint Cross, a registered member of the Sokoki Tribe of the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi and is the only mine owned by a Native American.
The turquoise completely natural and is never treated or stabilized. It has an unusually high hardness rating of 6.5 or higher on the Mohs harness scale due to being well silicified so resists abrasion and discoloration. 
We work directly with Clint and his wife Louisa to cut stones for custom pieces and it’s always a lovely heartwarming conversation. 
“North Star Mine turquoise is distinguished both by the mine’s Native American ownership and its superb, natural gem qualities of saturated blue-green colors, distinctive matrix patterns, and extraordinary hardness.”
Watch how Clint and Louisa and cut the turquoise here
See our current turquoise collection. 

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